Thursday, May 05, 2005

At Last

"Down In It" - Magna-Fi

Ahhh....the smell of defeat has never been so wonderful to the Idol addict I am. Scott finally went down - about freakin' time, ain't it?

It still amazes me that the boy made it this far - he either has a lot of folks from Cleveland dialing in, or has a lot of people voting for him to irritate Simon, who wanted Scott gone from the get go - and made it no secret pretty much every show.

He will make a nice chunk of cash off of the Idol tour this summer, then I am not so sure we will ever hear too much from this one again. He doesn't have "it," and it's about 14:56 in his fifteen minutes.

Now if the populace can be intelligent enough to boot the twink next week, all will be well in the Idol world again.