Monday, April 18, 2005

Social Security

"The Hand That Feeds" - Nine Inch Nails

President Bush today advised a group of supporters in SC that Social Security is in trouble. Where'd he get an idea like that? Maybe he heard about it during his two campaigns? Given it is a social issue, it likely didn't merit any relevance at the time, especially with that bad man Saddam Hussein on the loose.

I am hopeful that we are investing in such a way that will allow us to not have to worry about it. I am certainly not for handouts, and think that Social Security has morphed into something that is totally opposite of what it was intended to be. People, however, will be relying on it, as they have come to expect it. And according to Bush, the system will have a $300 billion shortfall in 2034 and be completely bankrupt by 2041. Anyone remember a Clinton surplus of $1.5 trillion? Did you really need that $300 you received in tax relief? I have an idea as to where it could have gone - an idea that was floated to Bush by both Republican and Democratic leaders back in 2001!

Bush says he has a plan - does he? He says he is willing to "compromise" now on his plan for the system. This willingness to compromise tells me two things. First, any political clout he had as a result of his marginal victory is now gone. Second, this provides him an opportunity to get Democrats involved without him looking like a total boob. He has no plan, and given his lame duck status, I do not look to see any real accomplishments from him in the next three years.

Every time I begin to think he isn't a bad president, he does or says something to make me think otherwise.


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