Thursday, April 21, 2005


"Pride" - Damageplan (RIP Dimebag)

Pope Gregory the Great was the originator of the Seven Deadly Sins - envy, anger, greed, sadness (now called sloth), gluttony, lust, and of course, pride. Apparently the pope saw it necessary to define two different kinds of sin - those that could be forgiven without having to go to confession, and those that merited eternal damnation, or "deadly."

Now I know that the pride described here is the sense of feeling superb or better than others. I certainly do not feel that way about myself in any way. I have, however, been feeling a great sense of pride over what my boys have been doing as of late. Now, if I was one of those obnoxious parents that constantly feels compelled to let others know (and usually in a loud voice) how well my boys are doing, what their latest new trick is, etc., I would hope someone would slap the tar out of me. Fortunately, neither my wife nor I are like that about our kids, and we have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by others who are the same. Unfortunately, now that I am involved in coaching, I tend to hear snippets of it every once in a while, and it bothers me quite a bit.

My 8 year old son plays on the team I coach. While he is pretty good for his age, we try very hard to keep him grounded. It is quite difficult, however, to watch him strike out a few batters from the opposing team, some who are two and three years older than him, and not want to yell out to him how damn good he is doing - and not brag to others about him.

It isn't just sports, and it isn't just my 8 year old. I swell up with pride in seeing little things, like my boys saying thank you or please at the right times or seeing comments come home from the teachers that they have done something extremely well. Listening to our 6 year old as he is really starting to read gives me a big charge.

The three of them are still young enough where I know I will have a lot of prideful moments - and I hope I can keep myself under control!


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