Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh, The Pain...

"American Baby" - The Dave Matthews Band

I am old - not in years, but physically I feel old. I am glad to see that I am not the only one feeling this way - we had our first softball game last night in the Loudoun County Church League, and there were a lot of people like me milling about. I heard a lot of comments about back pain, knee pain, sore shoulders, etc., and with every one, I quietly agreed. I am sore all over.

The Gateway "Green Machine" played two fairly decent games against Cornerstone Chapel - until the last innings of each game, where things just seemed to fall apart - including our players. We were down 5-4 and 15-14 in these games going into the fourth inning, and ended up losing each pretty badly. We won the B league last year with a 16-2 record, and because of this, we got pushed up into the A league - this season, we are literally "out of our league." We would play great defense for 3-4 innings, then Cornerstone would just start crushing the ball, finding every imaginable gap in the field - except, of course, when they weren't putting the ball over the fence. Things could get worse next week when we play 2 against St. Theresa's - who we watched put up 30 runs in a game played before ours.

I woke up sore this morning - but I woke up. That is a good thing. I will get better, and so will our team. If we end up at the bottom of the A league, we get sent back down to B - which may be a blessing in disguise.

Now off to the chiropractor, to the MRI clinic.....


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