Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terry Schiavo

"Little Sister" - Queens of the Stone Age

Today was the fourth day that Terry Schiavo has had her feeding tube removed. Her parents are petitioning the courts to put the tube back in, saying she is fading fast, and that she could die before they have a chance to appeal the recent decision to remove the tube. Doctors say it could be 1-2 weeks before she actually passes. However long it does take, it isn't a good way to go. Unfortunatley, it is the only way she can legally be let go. Should she be taken off of her feeding tube? Her husband says yes, and that she advised him that she would never want to be put on life support in such a case. Of course, there is no living will to prove it, just her husband's word. Her parent's, on the other hand, say she is responsive, and want her to hang on in the event of a miraculous cure. My opinion? Take her off of the tube and let her go peacefully. She has no quality of life, and frankly neither do her husband or parents. This is an emotional and financial drain for everyone involved, and now the national media has dragged the entire country into what should be a private affair.

Every once in a while, something like this comes along that shows how morally divided we are as a country, and that also gives politicians a chance to show what kind of idiots they really are (Tom DeLay, I am talking specifically about you here). This is a state case that the federal government, including our own President, is trying to get involved in, making it a sanctity of lfe issue at the federal level. People like DeLay are waving their morality flags high and strong over Terry's case, grandstanding over something they have no right to have their noses in. Congress has overstepped their boundaries in this one.

Where have you gone, Jack Kevorkian? The right to die issue has been one that, in my opinion, has not been handled well in this country. Euthanasia is an accepted practice in some European countries, and they therefore do not have to worry about the quality of life arguments we have to go through. We need our federal politicians to put a stake in the gound and create a law that would allow terminally ill patients' wishes to be honored. I certainly understand how politicians can be opposed to abortion, but I do not get the comparisons here. We are talking about adults that have the ability to make personal decisions, not unborn children who have no say in what is going on.

I haven't made a living will, but let is be said here - if anything hapens to make put me in a persistant vegitative state, Laura, pull the damn plug and enjoy your life.


At 10:50 AM, Anonymous laura said...


There is no plug to pull, she will starve to death and that is a terrible way to die, I would agree if she was connected to a machine to pull the plug but peta would not let an animal die this way. It is not a good situation any way you look at it.



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