Tuesday, March 01, 2005


"Home" - Three Days Grace

Given the title of this blog, I'd come to write about Seinfeld one of these days, and today is the lucky day. I honestly believe that this was the best comedy ever put on television, especially when compared to the trash on television today. It seems to me that writers just cannot produce good, quality programming any more. Remember the 80's, when Thursday night was really something to look forward to with Cheers, Cosby, etc.? Nowadays, there are only two comedies that are worth watching on network television, and one of them (Everybody Loves Raymond) is in its last season. That makes Arrested Development the only one still standing (an excellent show, if you have yet to see it). Pretty much all else is reality television, or one of the many franchises (Law & Order, CSI) that the networks spin into a new show every month. Where has all of the creativity gone? No wonder the networks are struggling to keep up with the cable offerings.

Now, off my soap box and back to Seinfeld. What made this show so great? Well, the writing was a very big part of it. I also believe the characters were so well written, and the people selected to play those characters were wisely chosen. The four main characters - especially Kramer and George - were all great in their own right. But think for a moment about the supporting cast - George's and Jerry's parents, Puddy, J. Peterman, Mr. Pitt, all the way down to some who appeared sporadically over the 9 seasons - like Jack Klompus or Kenny Banya. Every one of these folks brought something different to the show that made it that much funnier, that much better.

For those of you that are Seinfeld fans, there are a few sites that may be of interest to you:

Seinfeld Scripts - complete scripts for every show
Seinology - a fairly good listing of Seinfeld facts
Kenny Kramer - The site of the real life person Kramer was based on

Now, everybody has their favorite episodes. Here are my top 10:

1. The Pick
2. The Junior Mint
3. The Contest
4. The Rye
5. The Soup Nazi
6. The Strike
7. The Merv Griffin Show
8. The Marine Biologist
9. The Chicken Roaster
10. The Burning

The last few could be interchangeable with almost any other episode - they are all that good - but the first few are keepers.

My two favorite quotes from Seinfeld?

From the episode "The Nose Job:"

Audrey: It's amazing how many beautiful women live in New York. I actually
find it kind of intimidating.
Kramer: Well, you're as pretty as any of them, you just need a nose job.

And from the episode "The Junior Mint:"

Kramer: C'mon, do you wanna go?
Jerry: Alright, alright. Just let me finish my coffee... then we'll go
watch them slice this fat bastard up.

I could go on and on about Seinfeld, but will stop here. Or maybe I could just yadda, yadda through it.


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