Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Business Travel

"Burning Bright" - Shinedown

Some people may think that business travel is a glorious pursuit. It is not - on the contrary, it sucks. Sure, there are cities I have been to multiple times that I always enjoy (NYC, Chicago, San Diego) going back to, as they do not get old quick. However, most of my travel is to the same, mundane places.

These places would not be so bad if you always had peers of some sort with you. I, more often than not, travel solo. Sitting by yourself at the hotel bar eating a cheeseburger and drinking a Miller Lite every single night on the road loses its luster real quick. Heading back to your room to watch HBO or Seinfeld reruns (no matter how much you like them) afterwards, spreading out on your own king size bed and relaxing is somewhat gratifying, but there is always something missing (like a dog, wife and at least one of three kids in the same bed with you). People I know say they envy me for traveling like I do, wishing they could be on the go like I am. I wonder how happy they really are, and how long it would take them to realize that it isn't really as enjoyable as it may seem.

I travel in spurts. Sometimes I will not travel for a month or two at a time. Other times, I am gone 2-3 days a week for several weeks straight. I am flexible, and so is my family (thankfully), but I think sometimes employees are asked to go well beyond normal expectations.

So there I was yesterday, sitting on the Hertz bus back to the A Terminal in KC to catch a flight to Tri Cities Airport in Johnson City, TN , and the song "Ain't No Woman" (by The Four Tops) comes on over the bus speakers. If you listen to the words of that song, and really believe those lines were written for your wife or girlfriend, then you are truly in love. I am.

Travel is a necessity for what I do, but I want to minimize it. My boys are growing quick, and I do not want to miss much, if anything at all. My priorities have changed so much in the last few year, and my family is much more important to me than it ever was. A few years back, I'd have said the travel was an absolute necessity, and that it was allowing me to get to what I wanted most - money, my top priority at the time. Yep, I was worshipping the Almighty Dollar, and I can say from experience that it is a quick way to mess your life up.

Now that my eyes have been opened to what is really important, my priorities have been completely altered in such a way that I feel I am a completely different man. Sure, I want to be successful, but for so many different reasons. It isn't all about the money any more.

But I to Kansas again next week!


At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you too honey, and ohh what a man I got and a great father for our 3 little men. I love ya.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous susie said...

you are a good man, jeff m. what a treat to read your digression;)

At 4:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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