Tuesday, March 08, 2005


"Vitamin R" - Chevelle

Many folks my age look at me funny when I talk about the kind of music I like. It has certainly been refreshing to find a buddy in the neighborhood that not only likes the same kind of music, but that is actually a few years older than me as well.

This past Saturday was a guys night out - and that meant a trip to the world famous 9:30 Club at 815 V Street in Northeast Washington, DC. In my opinion, the best place in all of the DC area to see a concert. Big arena shows pale in comparison to the experience of hearing and seeing great rock bands in a small, intimate club like 9:30. The MTV Snocore Tour was rolling into town, and any time you get 5 bands together like this, it is a must see show. Well, most of it was anyway.

This show started later than most (first band on at 8:30), so after a few pre-festivity beers in Adams-Morgan, we hit the club. We walked in right at Strata was starting their last song. I wish we would have been there for the entire set - they were a pretty tight band with a great sound, and sounded almost too good to be in an opening slot for a tour like this.

Future Leaders of the World came on next. I must admit, I have never paid money to see a worse band in my life. These guys were absolutely terrible, and the entire audience was forced to suffer through about 30 minutes of agony listening to and watching these clowns. The lead singer was a Kurt Cobain wanna-be. The problem with that is, he didn't come close - his screeching sounded similar to what I imagine a parrot getting murdered would sound like. Bad singing, combined with a Johnny Damon/Chewbacca lookalike on guitar, cliche looks (head banging white boys with cornrows? gimme a break, will ya?), and absolutely no stage presence or talent, and you can see why I am complaining. I had the pleasure of having one of the DJs from DC101 spill my beer - in the ensuing conversation, it was agreed that these guys sucked, and DC101 probably should not play them any longer. They left the stage to an awful lot of boos, which they deserved.

Fortunately, the remaining three bands (Crossfade, Helmet and Chevelle) all kicked some serious behind. I am a big Crossfade fan as it is, and their live performance made me think even higher of them. Of course, pretty much anyone would have sounded better than the previous band. Helmet came out and cranked through 10-12 songs that worked the crowd up into a good lather, then Chevelle came out and blew me away. One of the best bands I have ever seen live.

So, 2 PM, concert over, what to do? Another beer and a $5 slice of pizza in Adams-Morgan, and all was right with the world. That and the fact that there were a lot of other geezers at the show besides us - very comforting.


At 12:18 AM, Anonymous susie said...

the 9:230 club rocks! keane was there a few weeks back and i would have loved to see that show! a great show last fall was shane hines and fighting gravity! took my teenagers and had a blast!

people have been looking at me like i am weird for years, so you are in good company;D

just smile, knowingly, they are missing out!
enjoy, susie


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