Monday, February 28, 2005


"Colors" - Crossfade (three words, or maybe two if you hyphenate - either way, kick ass album)

What other profession is there where professionals get paid large sums of money to miss a lot? Well, okay, baseball is one - where success is getting a hit 3 out of every 10 times. What if doctors missed a lot? How about airline pilots?

We have had snow predicted here in Northern Virginia five or six times this winter, and the weathermen (and women, sorry Sue Palka) have missed on every forecast. In an area where getting even a light dusting turns the entire community into milk and bread hoarding lunatics, missing as bad as they have thus far causes tremendous headaches. My kids have been off for three school days in a row, two - including today - that they could have been in if the weatherpeople would use all of their supercomputing power and meteorological modeling prowess to predict the weather correctly. Maybe that is the problem - it is a prediction they are making. Even with all of the technology they have at their disposal, they still cannot seem to get it right.

Here is what I do not need to see or hear from them:

The map in motion - hasn't what you are showing me here already passed?
Fronts - I don't care
Super Doppler X9000, 4000, or 7000 information - if they can't correctly interpret it, I can't
What it is currently doing at an elementary school in Richmond
What the temperature is in Boston, Albuquerque or Des Moines
As cute as it is, I do not need to see Willard and Schmuckers wishing 100+ year olds a happy birthday
And I don't need to see Al Roker do anything - especially with Ann and Katie already there

Here is what I need to know, and you best get this right:

Can I golf in the morning?


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