Sunday, February 20, 2005


I am a big fan of most all genres of music. I have a Dell DJ that I carry with me a lot, and if you scroll through it, you will find anything from Frank Sinatra to Killswitch Engage.

I still don't care for a lot of country music, although liking country music came in handy when trying to woo my then girlfriend, now wife. Anyone have a desire to purchase a lot of Garth Brooks CDs that haven't been listened to in a while? How about Billy Ray Cyrus?

I don't care for a lot of rap either, although having the opportunity to share the 11th floor of the Holiday Inn in Manchester, NH one evening last summer with Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent gave me a new appreciation. Here it is, the night before my first day on the job with a new company, and I am still awake at 4 AM because of the loud bass thumping through my walls, the screams of women running up and down the halls, and the lovely bouquet of killer weed. Can you say contact buzz? Snoop very recently said he was cutting way back on the weed - from a quarter pound a day to about two ounces a day. Glad to see the man has some control.

Given the role music plays in my life, there is usually a song or two that dominates a particular day for me - whether it be while I am writing here, or perhaps something that I heard while driving that put me in a particular mood for the day. I guess it could be any song, and for no reason, quite frankly. But, from here on in, I thought I'd share that "song of the day." Look for it at the top of each forthcoming post.

I was driving to church with my oldest son (8 years old), and he asked me what a prodigy was. I was fortunate enough to have some Kenny Wayne Shepherd in the CD player, and I put it on and advised him to take a good listen to the song for today - "Alive" from Kenny Wayne. Of course, a minute into it, he asked me to turn on "1985" by Bowling For Soup - it figures. He will get it one of these days, and hopefully soon. If I have to hear "1985" one more time, I could go postal.


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