Wednesday, February 23, 2005


"What You Are" - Audioslave

After hearing this song today, I just had to proclaim how damn good the entire Audioslave album is - probably one of the best in recent history. Now, about Toby...

Perhaps you have seen the hype about the site The owner of this cute little bunny is threatening to kill and eat Toby if he doesn't receive $50,000 by June. Apparently a similar stunt was pulled in Europe last year (no one knows the results of that one). The original, however, had to be the writers of National Lampoon, who at one time put a picture of a dog with a gun to its head on the cover with the caption "buy this magazine or we'll shoot the dog." Classic Lampoon...

Is Toby urban legend? Is it another net hoax? Is it emotional blackmail to show a picture of Toby in a pot, ready to have the gas turned on high, in an effort to "bilk" money from bunny fanciers? Nope to both. The bottom line is that the owner of Toby is getting his 15 minutes from the many local news stations covering this, and will likely make a nice chunk of change because people are stupid. That's right - people are stupid enough to care, and are actually sending money to this guy. The site claims to have collected over $15,000 thus far, which isn't bad for a few weeks worth of shady Internet work.

The bottom line is that sensationalizing this story will defer money from where it should go - to Starbuck's, where one could get the Venti latte instead of the Grande if they didn't have to rescue Toby. Seriously, there are so many other causes out there that people could be giving their money to (including legitimate Tsunami Relief organizations, local hospices, your church, etc.), and yet Toby's owner is getting it. Kill the damn rabbit already!

Harsh? Nope - I believe my feelings would be echoed by most. I however, can say this with a clear conscience, as I have experienced the brutal, senseless (yeah, right) killing of rabbits first hand. When I was about 8, I watched my Italian step-great grandmother (who we called Aunt Dora) walk out to the rabbit hutch in her back yard, pull a rabbit out, break its neck, and nail its ears to a tree so she could skin it. She'd then gut it and slice it up so that she could throw it on a hot grill standing near by. We were find out it tasted like chicken, and we should have been eating these rodents on a regular basis long before that first time we witnessed bunny murder. Finger lickin' good!

Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit.........


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